Making small businesses competitive with technology

Kashin Platform

E-Commerce platform offering enhanced epxerience for B2C, B2B and O2O


  • Application services made simple and affordable for small businesses
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  • Ecosystem

  • A user friendly environment for conducting business
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  • Secure

  • All communications are secured with end-to-end encryption technology
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  • Loyalty Rewards

  • Create customer loyalty and retention with reward points and cashback
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  • Food Ordering

  • Mobile food ordering service offering innovative menu solutions for restaurants
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  • Financial

  • A financial platform for mobile payments, international money transfers and micro-lending
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  • Customers

  • Reward points conveniently organized all in one app.
  • Presented with surrounding local business promotions and and ads.
  • Many ways to earn points in Kashin Rewards Network - birthday, holidays, promotions, etc.
  • Thuận tiện cho việc tạo và thực hiện các khuyến mãi trên cùng một ứng dụng.
  • Khách hàng có nhiều cơ hội để nhận điểm thưởng: sinh nhật, ngày lễ, chương trình khuyến mãi...




  • Easy to manage awarding and redeeming reward points. Only needs customers phone number to award points. Efficient awarding point with one-touch Instant Point feature. Dashboard for fully managing reward points and promotion code. Monitor live statistics and customer relationship management functionalities.
  • Dễ dàng quản lý việc cộng điểm và đổi thưởng, chỉ cần số điện thoại khách hàng để có thể tích điểm. Có thể cộng điểm nhanh với tính năng một chạm. Cung cấp trang tổng quan để quản lý điểm thưởng và mã khuyến mãi. Giám sát số liệu thống kê trực tiếp và các chức năng quản lý quan hệ khách hàng.




  • Customer relationship management database for analyzing trends and statistics. Monitor live feeds of users and reward points activities.
  • Quản lý khách hàng.



    Kashin Pay & Loyalty

    Mobile Payments and Rewards App

    Kashin offers innovative solutions for local small businesses for payments and customer loyalty programs. Secure payments and reward points applications helping businesses with solutions for customer retention and reaching new customers. Available on Android device and apple phones and devices.


    Ron Le

    Founder & CEO

    Alex Héritier

    CTO & Lead Engineer

    Ben Ward

    Mobile Developer


    Jingming Li

    Venture Capital, Advisor

    CIO retail banking of Large Global Bank
    Former President, Alipay/Ant USA
    CTO, Alipay (China)
    VP, Alibaba

    Jim Koshland

    Concentrates in emerging growth companies, venture capital, general commercial, and M&A

    Partner, DLA Piper
    Board of Director for Opportunity Fund, UC Berkeley Foundation, SF Jewish Community Federation.
    Former Board member of Launch Media, Levis Strauss & Co, Paraform, Storm Technology.

    Bill Martinson

    Startup strategies

    Affiliate, Inspovation Ventures
    Senior Director, CA Technologies
    Director, BMC Software, Pyramid Technology
    CTO, Cisco Systems
    VP BizDev, Gail Technology, Visualware, ProactiveNet, DataMetrics, Fujitsu

    Lowell Ness

    Corporate Counsel

    Managing Partner, Perkins Coie LLP
    Palo Alto, CA

    Leading FinTech startups law firm

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